Cost to replace plaster with drywall

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How To Remove A Lath And Plaster Wall - THE HANDYMAN

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It only takes a minute to sign up. My house is about years old, excellent condition, other than cracking in the plaster ceilings. I've had one 3x3 section even fall out in my dining room. I want to replace the ceiling in the dining room with dry wall and put up imitation metal tiles.

This will probably cost about 1k-2k to finish. Should I just patch the hole in the ceiling with plaster, or tear it all down? I also have some soon to be serious cracks in my living room ceiling starting now too. Dealing with a failing plaster and lathe ceiling can be very tricky. Before you make the decision to tear it down, which as Chris mentioned, a messy job, or simply put drywall over the existing plaster, you need to carefully evaluate the soundness of the lathing to the strapping or joists.

What I mean by that is, are the lathes still firmly attached to the joists and the problem is the plaster "keys" failing from around the lathes, or are the lathes themselves falling away from the joists? With that said, covering the old failing plaster with drywall is fine. If the lathes are solid to the joists, then putting drywall directly over the old and using screws long enough to reach the strapping or joists will work fine.

However, if the lathing itself is failing, then you must install strapping 16 inches on center, perpendicular to the joists, securely screwed to or ring nailed to the joists.

The purpose of strapping is twofold. First reason is to support the failing ceiling securely to the joists. The second reason is that if you just screw drywall to the failing plaster and lathe, the weight of the ceiling will be against the drywall and could pull the screws through the drywall board allowing it to sag or joints to crack now or in the future.

I must say that even though tearing down the old ceilings is a big job, it certainly gives you a clean start and an open view to correct any old wiring problems, add new lighting circuits, install new flush mounted electrical boxes, and install new level strapping etc. You can just plasterboard drywall over the ceiling but there are a number of things you have to be aware of:. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Should I replace or patch a plaster ceiling? Ask Question. Asked 9 years ago. Active 9 years ago. Viewed 13k times. Aarthi 1, 6 6 gold badges 19 19 silver badges 29 29 bronze badges. InternalConspiracy InternalConspiracy 1 1 gold badge 1 1 silver badge 4 4 bronze badges. Active Oldest Votes. The plaster in the dining room fell due to lathing that was warped. So if I repaired that particular hole, the lathe would need to be replaced, which leads me to.

Thanks for your very detailed answer. In an old house the previous occupiers has boarded over a bad ceiling but used the normal sized fixings. By the time we came to sort it out there was quite a bow in the ceiling. This was caused by them using normal sized nails and the extra weight caused the old ceiling to come away even more from the joists.

Make sure that the rest of the existing ceiling is sound.Q: The walls of our San Francisco home are lath and plaster, with a canvas-like fabric over the plaster. There are cracks in the plaster, which can be seen through the paint as raised creases in the canvas.

cost to replace plaster with drywall

We've been told that the best solution is to replace the plaster with drywall, but we are put off by the cost and the huge mess we'll no doubt have. When we investigated less costly alternatives, we got conflicting advice. One repair technique involves laying mesh over the cracks, applying a skim coat and smoothing out the edges. The other solution is to remove the plaster in areas larger than the cracks, then fill with new plaster.

Are these variations of the same method or different methods?

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The guy who recommended the "cut" method said a skim coat would hide the cracks for only a year or two. A: Yes, it's expensive and messy, but your first thought is your best. Tape the joints with fiberglass mesh tapeand cover that with a quick-drying joint compound such as Durabond Finish the taping with regular joint compound to a smooth also known as a No. The negatives are the cost, which is mostly labor, and the mess. The positives are that the job will last for decades, and you'll have the opportunity to update the electrical system by adding receptacles, light fixtures and ground wires.

This is also a great time to add insulation to exterior walls. Of the other two fixes you mention, the best by far is cutting out the damaged plaster and replastering the cracks.

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A mesh-and-skim-coat job will fail in a New York minute. Then, three coats of plaster were applied to the lath. The first two coats were composed of sand, lime and Portland cement.

cost to replace plaster with drywall

The first coat, called the scratch coat, was troweled onto the lath with sufficient pressure to force the plaster though the gaps between the pieces of lath. When the scratch coat dried the plaster formed keys on the outside of the lath that held the plaster on the wall. A second coat, called the brown coat, was then applied. A third coat of unsanded plaster made for a smooth finish. In your case, "plaster paper" was applied between the brown and finish coat.

This was meant to stop any cracking. What's happening now is that as the earth moved over the years, the walls moved with it. When this happened the underlying plaster cracked and the muslin paper wrinkled. If new drywall just isn't in the budget and if there isn't too much cracking, the best way to do a quick fix is to score the paper along the crack with a utility knife.

Then, with a teardrop-shaped scraper or a 5-in-1 painter's tooldig out the cracked plaster all the way to the wooden lath. Widen the crack as much as possible. With the crack exposed, vacuum out any loose plaster or dust. Fill the crack about halfway with patching plaster and let dry. Put a second coat on, filling the crack. Sand lightly. Then put on a final coat if necessary and sand smooth.There are times when it is necessary to replace entire sections of interior walls, and this is drywall or plaster replacement.

What about drywall or plaster repair?

cost to replace plaster with drywall

There are many differences and you may find yourself in need of plaster repair because of small or large holes, cracks due to stress and age, deterioration of vintage plaster, and chips when there is some sort of damage but not an actual hole made through the plaster. There may be the need to do some plaster repair when water is to blame. Drywall, sheetrock, and plaster can be damaged by everything from a doorknob crashing through the wall or because of the pressures and problems caused by the passage of time.

How to Attach Drywall to Plaster Walls

Household accidents, roughhousing kids, and work being done in a home are all underlying causes of plaster damage, and water is also a common problem. Small cracks and chips, and even small holes may be a DIY project and some big box stores sell kits to do it, but most homeowners opt to leave this very detailed work in the hands of experts.

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours:.

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Get your job done in 3 easy steps. Plaster repair : 10 sq. As an example, if a doorknob is to blame, the project may cost more as the expert recommends a doorstop installation too.

Repairing an entire wall or installing a full sheet of drywall may be necessary. DIY considerations Small cracks and chips, and even small holes may be a DIY project and some big box stores sell kits to do it, but most homeowners opt to leave this very detailed work in the hands of experts. References Craftsman Estimator Costbook, complete series year Latest prices found on Home Depot and other vendor Web sites.

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Literature review of DIY Web sites. How much does it cost to repair plaster in your city?

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Enter your zip code to get estimates. Get Estimates. Cost by city Varies by type of issue. Small holes : may vary based on the cause of the damage. Large holes : similarly priced to small holes, a larger hole may come with added costs of debris removal. Ceilings : even a simple bit of patch or crack work being far greater because of the ladder work, slow labor, and specialized tools.The ceiling in my dining room approx sq fthad to be cut into to get at some pipes.

The popcorn continues about a third of the way down the walls until it hits a picture rail. Would it make a big difference in cost and difficulty to replace the walls completely, rather just to the point where the popcorn ends? It depends on what looks better? My experience in this application would be to replace walls as well, popcorn is a very difficult match.

You would see the seam and I don't believe you would like it. In my case, I have a picture rail dividing the wall, so it might look alright if we drywalled over the ceiling and maybe scraped off the popcorn above the picture rail.

How much would that drop down the price? And is there a reason I'm missing that makes it a bad idea? I guess the first question would be, do you want the pop corn affect still on the repaired areas or do you want nice new flat white ceilings and walls? Reason being is you can repair any drywall in those areas anyway because popcorn covers up multiple defects so it's easy to repair and repopcorn all areas.

If you want all new ceilings and walls with a finished painted surface it's better to remove all old drywall and put on new to get a nice look. To just repair areas in the walls and ceilings we call that a bandaid in the trade. I really don't know the measurements of you room so at sq ft on the ceiling, we will guestimate these sizes for easy math.

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Post your project to receive estimates from trusted drywall contractors serving your area. X Select your location. Or, enter your location:. Cost to replace plaster ceiling and walls with drywall?

cost to replace plaster with drywall

Posted by: Jon from Toronto.Get free estimates from Drywall Contractors near you. Installers can often get access to lower unit prices for drywall if they buy in bulk. A standard output average on a wall that already has studs is to hang between 4 and 5 sheets of drywall per hour, or between 35 and 40 sheets in an 8-hour day.

If the installation is being done by a team of one, then a drywall lift or hoist will be used to move, rotate, and hold panels to aid in their installation. The joints are usually taped, left overnight, and sanded the following day. The main installation supplies needed are joint compound, joint tape, drywall screws, and drywall adhesive.

Depending on different needs within the various rooms in a home, boards are made to suit a number of applications and are sold in the following formats:. Green E-Board is a combination of recycled wood fragments and the natural mineral elements magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride, which are brought together in a slurry process. The gypsum in the drywall is chemically combined with water molecules which turn to steam in the case of a fire, thereby acting as a fire retardant.

This white drywall is available with either square or tapered edges, and historically it has been the most prevalent type of drywall used in residential construction for living rooms and bedrooms. Typically built with the soundproofing materials sandwiched between two layers of gypsum, this is by far the most expensive type of drywall.

This will either be done by hand or with a sprayer. Choose between orange peel, slap brush, skip trowel, knockdown, popcorn, smooth, or sand float finish plastering.

Smooth finish is becoming very popular.

How to Remove Plaster Walls & Replace with Drywall

Drywall can be hung either horizontally or vertically. While the vertical placement is easier for a DIY install, professional industry wisdom points to a horizontal format for a number of reasons, including hiding uneven studs and having fewer vertical seams.

Even though there are many other names that get used for drywall, drywall is the all-encompassing category title use by homeowners. There are over 40 companies who make drywall, but there are only a few brands whose products are widely known like. What we refer to today as drywall was originally called Sackett Board when it was invented by U. Gypsum Company in Prior to its release on the market, the standard solution for creating wall surfaces, both residential and commercially, was to use a mix of lime and sand or concrete called plaster to sculpt a wall surface to coat a board.

As widespread as the use of drywall has become, it is not suitable for every construction need, especially when more elaborate work is required or the wall features curved surfaces. To wrap consistency around the business of finishing a drywall installation, the Gypsum Association maintains the standards publication, GA Referred to by a range of names including gypsum board, gypsum panel, plasterboard, sheetrock, or wallboard, drywall is a board made to be mounted to the structure studs in a building as a wall surface.

The type of drywall you need will define the cost. Do you need it for a wall or a ceiling?Plaster vs Drywall, which is best? Sure, drywall guys will tell you they can match any texture, but drywall is still very different from plaster. Before you dive into hanging drywall in a vintage or high-end home, consider the alternative of plaster.

Drywall consists of gypsum sheets sheetrock screwed or nailed to the studs. Drywall compound and tape are applied to the seams between boards, and the compound is also coated over the fasteners to cover up the heads.

Even when they are, the finish durability is still underwhelming when compared to cement-like plaster. Modern plaster, on the other hand, is typically applied over a special type of wall board referred to as blue board.

The old style was usually applied over lath, but that method is exceedingly rare these days. The plaster is applied over the blue board either in multiple coats with a scratch and then finish coat a more traditional styleor in a single or double veneer coat.

Either way, the plaster covers the entire wall surface. Many people consider plaster finishes to be more high end than drywall, and they have seen a surge in popularity. I think mainly because of the unique expertise required there are probably drywallers to every plaster pro here in San Diegoplaster projects tend to cost a bit more. All in all though, the two techniques are fairly comparable in overall price.

For our particular projects, several obsessive intrusive thoughts things convinced me to select plaster instead of drywall:. Companies like USG make a plaster in a multitude of varieties for specific uses. And there are even several companies like American Clay that make gorgeous evironmentally friendly earthen plaster, as seen in the images for this article.

Local plaster or drywall supply companies and the manufacturers of the products used can also be good sources for recommended installers. Marc grew up under a brave single mom who "encouraged" home improvement on the family home.

Early toddler gifts included a tool set, and even a cordless Bosch drill when cordless drills first came out. In grade school give or take a few yearsMarc's mom said, "We need to cut down some trees. Toss in some Obsessive Compulsive personality traits researching everything home improvement related. The end result: a genetically pre-disposed, socially sculpted home improvement machine!

For his complete profile, please visit our About page. Really, it's worth it. The right plaster installer can create detailed medallions and crown molding that add lots of charm to a home. Thanks for this info! Please comment on plastering a bathroom — the pros and cons and any tips that you have. Is there a specific type of plaster or thickness that you recommend?



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