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It is in New In Box condition.

Hammerli 208 - Hammerli 125 Year - s/n JP0800C

The barrel has a beautiful floral engraving on the left and right sides. The wood grip also has a beautiful floral pattern carved on the left side, and another floral pattern on the palm rest on the right side. The right side of the frame is engraved with "Lenzburg Switzerland", ". Included magazine holds 8 rounds of. The competition pistol is packaged inside of a walnut locking presentation box which includes the locking key, a plastic zip top bag containing various items, and a gold plaque.

There is some oil transfer from the muzzle onto the suede where the pistol rests. The presentation box has some surface wear on the top from storage and age. The gold plaque reads:.

Original manufacturer serial number was "JP". Per ATF regulations, no two firearms may bear the same serial number, so a "C" was added as the final serial number digit. The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience.

Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site. Click to zoom in. Current Stock:. Discreet import engraving. Related Products Customers Also Viewed.

The Highest Standards: Hammerli 212

Hammerli Sport Pistol - sn xxxx. This is a Hammerli single shot pistol. Small gray mark on the right side of the wood grip. Receiver and barrel finish is dark with Hammerli target pistol, chambered in.

It is in mint condition. No blemishes on the slide or frame to note.

hammerli 208

Grips are in excellent Hammerli Sport Pistol - sn xxx.A forum to talk about Olympic style shooting, rifle or pistol, 10 meters to 50 meters, and whatever is in between. Hosted by Pilkguns. Privacy Terms. TargetTalk A forum to talk about Olympic style shooting, rifle or pistol, 10 meters to 50 meters, and whatever is in between. Quick links. Hammerli vs International If you wish to make a donation to this forum's operationit would be greatly appreciated.

Forum rules If you wish to make a donation to this forum's operationit would be greatly appreciated. Actually, it's really the International that I'm wondering about.

I think I understand the to s changes. Did the International come before the or after? Compared to the s the trigger guard is different, the extractor is different, and the trigger is single stage and not two-stage. I think only the are designated as such. There were several "models" where the only difference e.

I even think although I'd have to check that the S was not marked as such. The only one I'm sure that it had the model number on the gun is the If you're looking at acheck the design of the trigger.

And the earliest version is basically the same gun as a short barreled The vast majority of "International" Hammerlis on the market areso anything else would surprise me. If you have doubts, send me the serial number and I can check with the literature I've got.A forum to talk about Olympic style shooting, rifle or pistol, 10 meters to 50 meters, and whatever is in between.

hammerli 208

Hosted by Pilkguns. Privacy Terms.

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TargetTalk A forum to talk about Olympic style shooting, rifle or pistol, 10 meters to 50 meters, and whatever is in between.

Quick links. Hammerli or ? If you wish to make a donation to this forum's operationit would be greatly appreciated. Forum rules If you wish to make a donation to this forum's operationit would be greatly appreciated. Please can someone tell me how to differentiate between the and the ? One is available for sale, an early-ish example, no model number on frame. Also, what should the muzzle crown look like and should the muzzle end of the barrel be blued or natural metal?

This one has the tiniest countersink for a crown and the end of the barrel is not blued - it looks surface-ground. Beadblasted instead of polished, simplified front sight base etc.

Functions are the same, and so is the precision. There is even a S corresponding to the S. I can't remember having seen a blued face on any or There are differences! The bbl contour is different on the S - a bit more rouded on the top. I know! The safety is also different. The S is a round knob while the S is a lever. If you want pictures, let me know.

They saythe finish is different - more lustre on the S but that is one difference that is not obviuos to me! As far as performance is concerned no different all the differences are cosmetic. An easy way to tell is the should have fine ribs machined down the top of the barrel from the breach to the start of the Front sight base. Yes a non-blued muzzle is normal. My wife had a s from about and it did have s on the side.This post was contributed by a community member.

The views expressed here are the author's own. Or some would say, with a vengance.

hammerli 208

Hammerli, a Swiss company that previously made moderately good rifles, replica revolvers, and the like purchased the Walther patents. Their chief designer and gunsmith Furter refined a number of aspect of the guns, eventually producing the modeland These were far more accurate than the Olympia or earlier Hammerli applications of those patents the Hammerli Olympia.

In addition to having an adjustable trigger, an under-riding barrel weight is used, which can adjust both feel of the gun, and more importantly, tune the barrel vibration pattern. The is the shorter barrel or field version of the gun. Walther had done this for the PP, as well. For Hammerli, it actually is a later modification of the series. It's mentioned here because it comes closest in design and use, to the M41 and High Standard Victor.

Accuracy is about the same as a about 0.

hammerli 208

Most have a rear sight with windage adjustment only, but a few have elevation adjustment as well. Most USA models have trigger block safeties, a few do not. The gun is designed for concealed or minimally exposed carry use, but occasionally is used as a precision target gun. Accuracy drops off a little past 25M due to the 5" barrel, but the first round inaccuracy is better than the longer barrelled, and The usual grip is a slab grip of sorts, but target grips can be use.

The dovetail for the weight can be used to accept a scope rail mount, if the rail is cut to fit a little. The is not a tiny little pocket gun, but is the mjost accurate handgun of its size. In police and intelligence work, it has been superb in crowded settings like shopping areas, schools, crowded offices, if use of firearms there is needed. The precision accuracy and low bullet penetration in particular are of value. The accuracy and size also make it much in demand for sports competitions that use a holstered gun.Insert allen key through hole in trigger guard into the trigger adjustment screw.

Turn clockwise to increase trigger weight. Strip pistol as described below. Loosen locking screw, pull down trigger guard and adjust trigger stop screw as indicated in photo.

Clockwise to decrease back-lash. Manual recommends back-lash should be no more than two to three tenths of a millimetre.

This has been set at the factory and is not recommended to be adjusted. Turn screw 2 clockwise to increase travel. Check pistol is unloaded and remove magazine. Leave slide in forward position. Loosen screw at rear below rear sight and remove the complete rear sight assembly by pulling the latter out backwards. Remove the forward barrel weight by loosening the screw s and sliding forward.

Lateif Dickerson - Hammerli 208 pistol

Remove the slide thus: Hold the pistol with the right hand, pull the trigger guard fully downwards and push this to the left with the right index finger. Now pull the slide back to the full extent of its travel, lift it up, and let it glide forward so as to leave the barrel freely. To reassemble, proceed in reverse order. Clockwise right. Trigger Stop Strip pistol as described below.

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Trigger Weight Turn allen key 1. Second Stage Travel Sear Engagement This has been set at the factory and is not recommended to be adjusted. First Stage Weight Takeup weight can be increased by turning allen key 1. First Stage Travel This can be lengthened by turning small screwdriver 4 clockwise.

Stripping Check pistol is unloaded and remove magazine.Forums New posts Trending Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Feedback View Statistics. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Members Current visitors. Log in.

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Mar 17, SoldHammerli International pistol, series. Good condition.

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Some minor wear as expected. Last edited: Jun 6, Reactions: chainring. Feb 10, 32 7 Good luck with your sale. Have one just like it that is the most accurate. Mine has the uncommon rear slide safety. You might try another site to sell like Accurateshooter.

Your price is quite reasonable for a Pistol like this. I paid double for mine which was NIB more than five years ago. I have a Smith model 41 that is very nice but the Hammerli is still better.This post was contributed by a community member. The views expressed here are the author's own. The Hammerli pistol is the never beaten, never equaled competition handgun, in terms of its scores never having been bettered.

The gun uses a single stage, adjustable trigger, with adjustable rear sight that is mounted on a bridge over the slide, and not on the slide itself.

Accuracy of the gun generally is about 0. The Hammerli test targets are better than that, but are not entirely honest, due to the way they are obtained at the factory. The gun can use 8 or 10 round magazines, with the 8 rd. The gun is useful with high accuracy to 50 M and beyond to M by a good marksman.

Rails are available for optical sights, with several mounting systems available.

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Many prefer to use a gram weight on the gun for feel, but the main effect of the weight actually is as a barrel and gun vibration tuner, if accuracy is at issue. Full target grips are the most common ones used, but slab grips are available. When those are used, a shorter magazine latch is desirable. Extended base magazines can be used to reach the bottom of the target grips, which normally are well below the base of the standard magazine.

The gun is a little large for concealed carry and the rear sight tends to catch on clothing, thus leading to preference for the for that purpose. However, the elevation-adjustable rear sight and the longer range can be real advantages in the Also, only one weight is available for the For thea variety are avaialable from 80 to grams.

The has only the most minimal first shot inaccuracy, retains high accuracy through at least 20 rounds in rapid fire, and the accuracy is extremely good. With the FN, first round accuracy is quite poor by comparison, and collateral damage is hard to control. By 20 rounds, accuracy also deteriorates for a number of reasons. However, some skill im magazine changes while firing is needed, if 20 rounds in rapid fire are desired from the Hammerli due to the 8 or 10 round magazine.

A relatively rare version of the is available with a "Colt" style magazine release, and safety. Most do not have a safety. Some have a coarse external trigger pull adjustment, as well as the fine adustment that is internal to the slide area. Trigger pull weight can be set as low as about grams or a bit over 1 lb depending on lubricant usedand as high as about about 2 kg 5 lbs. The Highland Park ban status of the gun is difficult to determine with precision.

It may be a banned assault weapon due to a technical detail of the construction. As with some of the other guns discussed, there is a problem of vagueness in the wording of the HP ordinance in this regard. Thewhich will not be available at this event, is similar but a low cost production version. The main problem with the is the finish to the barrel, which is very reflective. The triggers also are slightly different, and a bit easier to adjust on the and the later with a wide trigger body.

Coming next most likely, the S. Better, but perhaps not. The views expressed in this post are the author's own. Want to post on Patch? Register for a user account.



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