Lesson plan for listening a song

Aims: To provide students with listening practice for the gist skimming and details scanning. To present and give practice with vocabulary related to jobs. To present vocabulary that is essential for understanding the task. To integrate listening into speaking and writing skills. To provide students with practice in summarizing and retelling.

Read: How to Use the Communicative Approach. Read: How to Use Task-based Learning. Read more. Type of lesson: Vocabulary and Listening skills using authentic material Level: Intermediate Time: 90 minutes.

lesson plan for listening a song

Aims: To develop and improve skim and scan listening skills; to develop Ss speaking skills by discussing topics in the news, in this case, the history of tea drinking in the UK; to review reported speech. Type of lesson : Listening lesson that integrates speaking, reading and writing skills using the song Puff the Magic Dragon. Aims: Using a song to develop skim and scan listening skills To review and teach related vocabulary as well as its pronunciation To integrate speaking, reading and writing skills into the activity To provide students with practice summarizing and retelling To provide students with practice identifying and analyzing the meaning of a story.Listening Skills Change If incorrect, please navigate to the appropriate directory location.

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Get 10 Days Free. Showing 1 - 41 of 41 resources. Lesson Planet. For Teachers 1st - 3rd. Learners play 2 games that help them follow classroom procedures. In this procedural lesson, students learn to play the quiet game and the listening game.

Get Free Access See Review. For Teachers K - 2nd. Improving listening comprehension skills is the goal of this language arts lesson. Young readers listen to the story Two Greedy Bears, stopping to have discussions with a partner.

They predict outcomes and make inferences based on Leaners will recite "Cross Patch" and examine its related emotions and vocabulary. They chant "Cross Patch", participate in listening games and identify rhyming words.

For Teachers K - 1st. Youngsters examine a "The Queen of Hearts" poster and vocabulary. They identify the elements of the poster, listen to the rhyme, and play the listening game. For Teachers 4th - 5th Standards. Why isn't it springtime all year long?

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Use the Greek myth about Demeter and her daughter, Persephone, to work on reading and listening comprehension skills in your fourth or fifth grade class. For Teachers K - 5th Standards. As teachers, we have a lot of patience. Our scholars, on the other hand, may need some support.

Give your pupils the emotional intelligence instruction they desire with a lesson designed to teach patience through grand conversation, For Teachers K - 12th Standards. Class members listen to examples of fight songs and alma maters from various schools, play a listening game, and then create a list of the For Teachers 5th - 6th.

The literary element of voice is defined as the tone and flavor of a piece, followed by a listening game in which the class identifies and uses an adjective to describe familiar famous voices.Students will be able to listen mindfully to their classmates. Student will be able to co-construct guidelines for when they are in circle time. Have the students remain in a circle and complete answers to the following prompts in the worksheet and support any students that need help.

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Entire library. Lesson plans. Fourth Grade. Social emotional.

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Learning About Mindful Listening. Lesson plan. Share this lesson plan. Kids often need to bew taught that listening isn't just hearing someone -- it's thinking about what they have to say, too. In this lesson students will become introduced to the circle process and help put together guidelines for community building, and learn how to listen to their classmatesnot just quietly, but respectfully.

Contents Contents:. Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade. Social emotional Mindfulness. Thank you for your input. No standards associated with this content. Which set of standards are you looking for? Introduction 5 minutes. Gather students into a circle either seated in chairs or on the floor. Share with students that they will be gathering in a circle once a week or more and that this is a time where they will build community. Introduce the talking piece: Explain that when they gather in a circle to learn and discuss important things, they will use a talking piece choose an object that has meaning as the talking piece.

lesson plan for listening a song

Whoever has the talking piece can speak. Every week each student rotates and brings in a talking piece that means something to them.

Welcoming: Circle time always begins with everyone being welcomed into the circle. We are so glad you are here! Circle Guidelines: Tell students that in addition to the talking piece, they need to come up with guidelines for circle time.Although I know I like using music in my teaching, I never thought there would be so much of it on this blog when I started it over a year ago.

Songs are fun, authentic sources with multiple possibilities in the classroom, but the main reason for having published 14 lesson plans and activities based on songs here is to a large extent due to copyright issues: while lyrics and songs are easily available for everyone online, access to other types of authentic texts is more limited because of copyright constraints. I also think the key to a successful song-based lesson is to deal with the text as you would with any other type of short text, whether written or oral, to practise a variety of comprehension skills, work on specific grammar and vocabulary, or introduce a topic for discussion.

I think songs that focus on universal themes such as love, friendship or personal feelings, or songs that tell a story, are bound to work better no matter the music style. Most importantly, they are also more likely to adapt to our specific learning objectives. The school year will be over for me in a few weeks, and I thought a post compiling these song-based lessons would be a good idea for future reference — but also to end the blogging season on a musical note!

Mariners Ahoy! In Parties, Story Maps and All That Jazzthe students work on comprehension skills, identifying and analysing story elements, making predictions and discussing the events in the story. Parties, Stories, and All That Jazz. Students use context clues to fill in extracts from ten songs! Adding and deleting words from texts allow students to use their grammatical knowledge to manipulate sentences, play with the language, and analyse the impact each of these changes have on meaning.

In this activity, students add and delete words from two songs following certain rules.

lesson plan for listening a song

There Are Places I Remember. Reported speech and creative writing: Fifty Ways. Spelling, word order, context clues, inferences or sentence structure, including agreement, number or different tenses, are just some of the language skills the students will be practising in the last four lessons and activities:.

Best, Ann. Like Liked by 1 person. Like Like. Thank you so much for sharing. I loved the song choices and the variety of activities to be implementing with them. Greatly appreciated! You are commenting using your WordPress.

lesson plan for listening a song

You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content.Much like moviessitcoms and radiosongs are an excellent listening resource for English learners. The vast variety of songs out there in the world means that there are a vast variety of ways to use them as ESL listening materials. Whatever your grammar or language point is, no matter the learner level or topic of the lesson, there is a perfect song out there for you.

Students must circle the option with the correct event for each verse, so their answers will essentially tell the story of the song. This can be done with sentences or pictures. Students should write them down as they go, and then afterwards make sentences using those past tense verbs with a partner. Then put the students into teams and have a multiple choice quiz to see if they can remember the questions that were asked. Read out the options and get them to write their answer as a team on a mini white board or piece of paper.

Bonus points if they can tell you if there was an answer to the question in the song, and if so what it was! Ask students an overall question about the content of the song before they listen for the first time.

Learn English with Songs - English Music Compilation - Lyric Lab

You can split your listening activities into the following three categories: gist, scan and detailed tasks. These create stepping stones for the students towards gaining a thorough understanding of the lyrics.

Learning About Mindful Listening

Most of the activities require a minimal response, like writing one word or circling true or false, meaning that students are focused on listening and not on writing out an answer.

This task often takes the form of a question. Here are some gist activities:. The purpose of a scan activity is for students to find out specific pieces of information about the song.

Here are three scan activities:. These tasks check whether students have gained a more in-depth understanding of what the song is about. Another option is to use FluentU. FluentU takes real-world videos—like music videos, cartoons, documentaries and more—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons for you and your students. On FluentU, all the videos are sorted by skill level and are carefully annotated for students. Words come with example sentences and definitions.

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Students will be able to add them to their own vocabulary lists, and even see how the words are used in other videos. Here are the lyrics:. Fall is here, hear the yell Back to school, ring the bell Brand new shoes, walking blues Climb the fence, book and pens I can tell that we are gonna be friends I can tell that we are gonna be friends.

Numbers, letters, learn to spell Nouns and books, and show and tell At playtime we will throw the ball Back to class, through the hall Teacher marks our height against the wall Teacher marks our height against the wall.

Gist, scan and detailed tasks are a logical step-by-step way to enable students to understand the lyrics and meaning of a song. If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to teach English with real-world videos.It is based on a music video and students work in groups to predict images they are going to see, and give reasons for their choices. Happy teaching! By using various short song extracts, it injects fun to English language classes.

It also works perfectly with online students creating interaction and collaboration between them to identify specific things in the lyrics, in a light, but memorable way. Students talk about the title of the song, guess the genre and rhythm, do a matching exercise with paraphrased sentences and verses from the lyrics, listen to the song and put the verses in order, watch the music video and talk about it. This is one idea for an adaptable song activity along with a suggested step-by-step lesson plan for English language teaching.

It is based on a music video and students work in groups to predict images they are going to see in the video, and also give reasons for their choices. This song-based activity lesson plan for English language teaching features the song Modern Loneliness by Lauv and its music video.

Students play a hangman game, talk about loneliness, speculate about and compare photographs Cambridge English: First and First for Schools paper 4, part 2do a use of English part 1 exercise Cambridge English: First and First for Schools paper 1, part 1 and discuss the lyrics. Hello, amazing teachers out there! Song Activity Factory i s now on Youtube, too! Check out our new channel and subscribe for more teaching ideas using songs!

Language level: all levels Learner type : All ages Skills : listening and writing Topic : varied Language and grammar : numbers, parts of the body, frequency adverbs, adjectives, verbs, verb tenses present continuous, present perfect, simple pastparts of the house, clothes, tag questions, time expressions. Description : This song-based activity lesson plan for English language teaching features the song Modern Loneliness by Lauv and its music video.

Page 1 Page 2 … Page 6 Next page. Song Activity Factory. Blog at WordPress. Post to Cancel.Browse lesson plans that keep kids moving and having fun while teaching them to hear and reproduce a steady beat. Browse lesson plans that define music tempo terms and provide examples in live and recorded music. Browse lesson plans that teach basic rhythms with hands-on music making activities and games.

Visit MMF Songbook for kids songs and rhymes. The rhythm and meter of simple rhymes are easy to hear and repeat and will make your next drumming lesson a surefire hit! Browse lesson plans that teach musical pitch with activity lessons and games that are sure to send the fun into overdrive. Browse lesson plans that teach students to read and write musical notation. Browse lesson plans that teach students musical form through movement and listening maps and glyphs.

Browse lesson plans that teach students about meter and time signature through movement and get your music students smiling from ear to ear. Browse lesson plans that teach students dynamics through manipulative-based lessons and games. Browse lesson plans that teach students about music and cultures from around the world.

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Browse lesson plans that teach students about music with listening maps and glyphs, or give them a chance to compare and contrast musical scores with Venn diagrams.

Browse lesson plans that teach students about the instruments of the orchestra. Browse lesson plans that teach students about the lives, music, and culture of our great composers. Visit Hey Kids, Meet the Composer biographies for related sheet music, worksheets, and bulletin board posters.

A Model Lesson for Using Songs as ESL Audio Listening Materials

Browse lesson plans that teach students to compare and contrast musical scores. Browse lesson plans that provide students with an easy introduction to the world of music composition and an opportunity to compose their own music. Browse our lesson plan review games for the music classroom that are flexible enough to allow you to review a wide variety of lessons.

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